Nissan starts cooperation with CarGarantie

Pan-European premium-quality protection

CarGarantie and Nissan International Insurance Ltd have agreed on a new long-term cooperation. The agreement covering used cars has started in Poland and is now being extended to several European countries. Particularly advantageous for Nissan dealers is a large variety of duration options for young used cars.

The “Nissan Collection” warranty products offer Nissan dealers numerous options for warranties for used cars and young used cars. Dealers can conclude warranties with durations ranging from 3 to 36 months. Coverage for Nissan vehicles is available with a component-based coverage for the most important and expensive parts, or with an extensive coverage for the majority of vehicle parts. Warranty products can also be bundled with financing services.
Of course, since Nissan offers a broad portfolio of electric vehicles, parts specific to this technology are included in the warranty. The warranty is also available for other vehicle brands, giving dealers the opportunity to retail non-Nissan vehicles in stock resulting from part-exchange transactions.  The warranty is also available to multiple-brand dealers.

Point-of-Sale support
For an optimal integration in the various markets, warranties will be registered in the existing Nissan EWSC portal used by all Nissan Dealers in Europe. Also, CarGarantie has created marketing material adhering to the Nissan visual identity. End-customer flyers and document folders are used to support Nissan and Nissan dealers with their marketing efforts.

International collaboration
For more than 15 years, CarGarantie and Nissan Germany have been cooperating on the field of new car extended warranties and used car warranties. The new cooperation between CarGarantie and Nissan International Insurance Ltd extends this partnership beyond country borders. The warranty products are already available in Poland. Market launch in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will follow in January. At the beginning of 2018, the products will launch in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Denmark, with Spain and Portugal after that. Nissan customers are reliably protected across Europe: Even if damage occurs in a different country than the one where the warranty was concluded, they can expect quick and uncomplicated help.

Edyta Wasiluk, Country Manager:
„We are honoured that CarGarantie was able to convince Nissan of the quality of our broad warranty and service portfolio. The “Nissan Collection” warranties that we developed together with Nissan will reliably protect vehicle owners from unexpected costs. This way, we contribute to fulfil customer’s demands in the field of used car warranties and can expand our long-term partnership with Nissan.”

Nick Holland, CEO Nissan International Insurance Ltd:
“Nissan is in the process of launching a pan-European official used car programme in order to give our customers and dealers an attractive and consistent used car product offering which reflects and supports our Brand Values and will grow the used car business in a reliable and sustainable way. CarGarantie was chosen due to their long experience in the used car business both for pricing and claims handling and because they specialise in used car warranties. Together we will deliver a programme to meet the current and future needs of an ever changing car market.”